Passionfruit is a business and marketing consulting firm specializing in the creation and implementation of direct response marketing campaigns.  Direct response marketing is designed to elicit a response from a prospect through a specific call to action.  This action is measurable hence making every single marketing dollar accountable.

The channels we specialize in are television, digital, telemarketing and direct mail.

We immerse ourselves into your business.  We listen, investigate and present a truthful synopsis of the way forward for your business.  Whether you are a novice in the DR space and have never been on television or QVC or if you have an infomercial that is not meeting its objectives; we can help.  Perhaps, you have a database that needs monetizing?

We welcome challenges. We will ardently scrutinize your business, become part of your team and your culture and help you grow your business in ways that you may have overlooked or did not know how to accomplish.

We believe that today’s marketing environment is transforming the way in which brands communicate with their consumers at such a rapid pace that soon all forms of advertising will have the tenets of direct response. Marketing messages will touch your end consumer in some way or another, whether it is
“Facebook liking an ad” you are watching on TV from your tablet or whether you click to purchase.